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Canadian History Week: Bloom and Sigalet

The historic, family-run truck shop that was known as Bloom and Sigalet, was founded by Charles Bloom in Lumby back in 1921. Two years later, Bill Sigalet bought into the garage and it was renamed from Bloom and Andre, to Bloom and Sigalet. They started by selling Federal and Essex trucks, but by 1928 they […]

Les Hubscher has delivered more than three decades of excellent customer service for Dawson International Truck Centres

Over the past 33 years, Les Hubscher has played an integral role with our Dawson International Truck Centres (DITC) Vernon location (and eventually all locations), balancing the need to support our customers and finding value for our company’s warranty coverages at the same time. “I knew nothing about the business when I first started, but […]