Explore our lineup of commercial International® and Isuzu trucks.

With our wide selection of trucks, we have everything you need to get the job done.


International offers a full line of medium, heavy and severe duty trucks. Their focus on driver feedback and improving efficiencies has made them an industry leader since 1902.


Isuzu’s low cab forward (LCF) trucks have delivered outstanding performance, durability, and remarkable life cycle value and are still the number one selling LCF in North America.

Where it all comes together

Our cement and concrete mixer trucks are designed with our drivers in mind. We call that design philosophy DriverFirst™, and it’s our way of putting you at the center of everything. That means the truck is designed with your needs in mind, and designed to get the job done.


Our lightweight mixers make light work of hauling concrete, mixing it all the way up to the job site. The best-in-class single rail strength of the frame means everything happens on top of a strong foundation.


A sloped hood, one-piece wraparound windshield, and LED daytime running lights makes for improved visibility so you can see the job from every angle. Automatic traction control and electronic stability programs put the control in your hands.

And most of all, it means more uptime.

Strong and Smart

Your construction truck needs to work hard. But it also needs to work smart, and we’ve designed our severe-duty and medium-duty trucks to do just that.

That’s why we created our DriverFirst™ philosophy. It’s how we keep the driver in mind as we design features like a roomy cab (available in aluminum or steel) that not only keeps you comfortable, but also keeps everything right in front of you displayed in our premium gauge clusters. Our trucks are strong, with best-in-class, single-rail frames that can carry any workload you throw their way. Wide track axles keep our trucks nimble, making sure you can get around anything the job site throws back at you.

Reach New Heights

Whatever tall order comes along, our crane trucks are ready to meet the challenge. Each of our crane trucks comes equipped with Diamond Logic®, our advanced, programmable electrical system that brings new levels of brainpower, flexibility, and convenience to your day-to-day. And every truck comes with factory-installed collision warning and lane departure devices. But that’s not the only support you’ll get – our nationwide network of dealers and field representatives means that we’ve always got your back.

Fully Loaded

Whatever load you’re carrying behind you, we know you need to be able to see where it gets dropped off. We’ve improved visibility on our dump trucks with a sloped hood, one-piece wraparound windshield, and freshly designed and placed side mirrors. And our wide-track axles make it easy to maneuver and get right where you need to be at any work site.

Ready When You Have To Be

When emergency strikes, you’ve got to be ready for the call. And so does your emergency truck. We know seconds count, so we know how important uptime is. That’s why we design our trucks to be easily serviceable, with easy-access service points under the hood. And that’s backed up by our Diamond Logic® advanced electronic system brings new levels of brainpower, flexibility, and convenience. We’ve also improved visibility with a sloped hood and one-piece wraparound windshield, so you can quickly assess ever-changing road situations when you have to get there ASAP.

Bring on the Heavy Hitter

Sometimes you need to call in the big guns. Hauling heavy loads is one of those times. That’s when you need an engine that boasts big torque and big horsepower, big enough to tow up to 150,000 lbs.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Our heavy duty semi trucks come packed with safety features including air disc brakes, top-of-the-line stability and traction control, and serviceability that makes uptime a priority.

Going the Distance

We know you go the distance every day. We’ve designed our long haul trucks inside out with the driver in mind. DriverFirst™ means making driving fun again. That means maximum comfort with our Rolltek® seats, but it also means a semi truck that handles well and is a joy to ride.

When you’re on the road all day, we know safety is top priority. That’s why we’ve improved front and side visibility, so you can stay ahead of what’s happening on the road. We’ve also included our innovative pre-trip exterior light inspection feature to make sure everything’s working as it should be before the journey begins.

The Whole Package

You deliver every day. Your truck should do the same. We design our pick-up and delivery trucks with you in mind, making sure they contain all the features you need to get out there, and get back. Features like our Diamond Logic® advanced electrical system to protect your equipment and provide you with diagnostics to reduce downtime. Features like a collision mitigation system that helps keep you delivering through the day.

Cut Through the Noise

Extreme weather calls for an extreme truck. When it snows, everything stops until the plow makes way. Snow removal is a tough job; so we’ve designed our severe-duty trucks to meet that challenge head-on. To make sure the job’s done safely, our snow plows come with your choice of Halogen or LED headlamps that cut through fog and dark nights for maximum visibility. To push that snow out of the way, our plows boast best-in-class single-rail frame strength less likely to succumb to the element and corrode. Wide track axles ensure you can find your way from the windiest side streets to the widest thoroughfares.

Right Up Your Alley

Our Streets and Sanitation trucks are built for the daily grind. Rest assured, they’ll take whatever garbage you throw at them. Besides being tough, they’re nimble, with wide-track axles to make navigating city streets and alleys easy. Cab options mean you can fit as big a crew as you can muster, and our DriverFirst® philosophy makes sure they’re all comfortable and well-equipped to do the job.

Filled with Features

We know driving a tanker truck brings its own set of challenges. The cargo you carry is unlike any other, and your truck needs to be able to hold it steady. To that end, our body builder integration makes sure that your truck and your tank work together seamlessly. To help you keep tabs on your cargo and your truck’s maintenance, our trucks feature Diamond Logic®, our advanced, programmable electrical system. Everything comes together to keep things running smoothly.

Pulling Ahead

In the recovery service business, getting in and out of tight places is key. That’s why our medium-duty towing trucks are designed for maximum maneuverability with wide-track axles that let you finesse your position before you spring into action. And with sloped hoods and LED headlamps, you’ll be able to see just where you’re headed. To make sure the job gets done, our Diamond Logic® advanced electronic system fully integrates your towing capability with your truck, bringing new levels of brainpower, flexibility, and convenience on board.

Keep Things Running

Maintaining complex infrastructure calls for a truck that keeps things simple. Designed with drivers in mind, our DriverFirst™ philosophy means maximum uptime and minimum service time. Thanks to our broad range of chassis configurations, you’ll be able to get the utility truck that fits your specific need. And our nationwide team of Navistar Field Reps are ready to back you up, giving you the support you need to get in, get up, and get the job done.

Plenty of Truck to Go. Around Whether it’s navigating the ups and downs of the job site, or the ins and outs of downtown traffic, our medium-duty trucks can handle it. Rated for hauling 14,001-33,000 lbs., our medium duty trucks are as durable as our bigger classes, while giving you a maneuverability you just can’t get from the big boys. And of course, they’re built with our DriverFirst® philosophy, giving drivers trucks they’ll love to drive.

On a Mission. These trucks pack a serious punch. Built for the job, severe duty trucks work for a living. They’re spec’d to haul over 33,001 lbs., but we’ve made sure that they’re also built to haul the driver. With cabs that keep drivers comfortable and in full control of their vehicle, block out distracting noise and still ensure maximum visibility, they’re the embodiment of our DriverFirst™ philosophy.

Take the Show on the Road. When you’re going the distance, you need a truck that can keep up. Our heavy-duty trucks are built for life on the highway. We’ve kept the driver’s needs in mind to design trucks that are fun to drive, safe, and comfortable, even over long distances. They’re also designed to haul over 26,001 lbs.