International A26

A lightweight knockout. A26 is packed with efficient muscle.

International A26

A lightweight knockout. A26 is packed with efficient muscle.


We stand behind the A26 with a two-year unlimited hours or miles warranty that lets you take it as far as you want, for as many hours/miles as you want. Go ahead, go the extra mile.

Optional Engine Warranties

  • Up to 7 years and 1,125,000 kms

Standard Engine Warranty

  • 2 year unlimited km warranty



Up to 110,000 kms with oil sampling and International Truck approval

6.5 or greater mpg: 50,000 miles (80,000 km)

5.5 to 6.5 mpg: 30,000 miles (48,000 km)

Less than 5.5 mpg: 20,000 miles (32,000 km)

At every oil change or 1,300 hours

6.5 or greater mpg: 600,000 miles (965,000 kms) / 11,000 hours

5.5 to 6.5 mpg: 500,000 miles (800,000 kms) / 9,000 hours

Less than 5.5 mpg: 350,000 miles (560,000 kms) / 9,000 hours

483,000 km

483,000 km / 3 years / 6,000 hours

966,000 km / 6 years / 12,000 hours

At 193,000 km, at 483,000 km, then every 643,000 km


Every component is engineered to maximize uptime

  • Strong piston pins, connecting rods and bushings optimize load distribution for enhanced durability.
  • The Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) features a titanium compressor wheel that delivers superior fatigue life over aluminum designs, with a simplified single stage design to reduce complexity and enhance reliability.
  • The piston cooling jets increase oil pressure to improve lubrication and engine durability. Exposing less oil to hot pistons also reduces oil oxidation to improve oil drain intervals.
  • Oil change service interval has been increased to 70,000 miles*.
  • Aluminum castings, stainless steel tubes, composite valve covers, and optional stainless steel oil pans provide long lasting corrosion protection.
  • All high temperature fasteners include a permanent coating to prevent seizing, including fasteners for the exhaust manifolds, heat shields, and turbocharger.

*with oil sampling and International approval

Noise Reduction

The A26 is packed with noise-reducing features

  • The uniquely sculpted crankcase significantly dampens vibration.
  • The High Pressure Common Rail fuel system delivers multiple injection events for smooth, quiet operation.
  • The oil pan and crankcase are isolated through a specially designed rubber gasket that absorbs vibration before it can get amplified through the oil pan.
  • Sophisticated calibration and programming are specifically designed to reduce engine noise.
  • The 6-blade fan features fewer blades for quieter operation.**

** 6 blade fan is for LT and RH Series applications only

Weight Savings

At 2,314 lbs., the A26 is the lightest engine in its class

  • The A26 weighs 600-700 lbs. less than 15L big-bore engines.

  • The Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) crankcase has greater strength and fatigue resistance than traditional gray iron for thinner walls, reduced weight and maximized payload.

  • Valve covers are built of a durable, lightweight composite instead of aluminum.

  • The shot peened aluminum flywheel housing delivers high strength with impressive weight savings over traditional iron flywheel housings.

  • The simple, single stage design of the turbocharger eliminates several major components, reducing weight and complexity.

Fuel Efficiency

Engineered to deliver up to 4%* greater fuel economy

  • Maximized fuel injection pressure from the 2500 bar (36,300 psi) High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system reduces both fuel consumption and emissions.
  • The efficient design of the cylinder head coolant passages help reduce parasitic loss to the water pump.
  • A simplified air management system combined with the Variable Geometry Turbocharger delivers optimal fuel economy and performance.
  • An oil cooler thermostat bypass allows oil to bypass the oil cooler in colder weather to improve fuel economy.

*Over previous A26 Engine

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