eMV Series

An electric truck built on the proven foundation of the diesel MV™ Series, delivering an eMobility solution customers need at every stage of their vehicle’s lifecycle.

eMV Series

An electric truck built on the proven foundation of the diesel MV™ Series, delivering an eMobility solution customers need at every stage of their vehicle's lifecycle.

The truck you know and love

The MV™ Series has long been the go-to truck for those who need to get work done. Its durability, adaptability and functionality has made it a common sight on roads and worksites everywhere. In conjunction with Navistar’s NEXT eMobility Solutions, International has combined their knowledge and years of experience with technology and infrastructure to deliver customers the “just right” electric solution, eMV™ Series.

The 5C’s outlined below are designed to help make the transition to electric as seamless and pain-free as possible.


NEXT eMobility Solutions works with customers to develop a robust electrification strategy that leverages strengths and maximizes ROI and profitability. The consulting process includes evaluation of battery electric vehicle (BEV) route simulation to determine the optimal powertrain and charging mix for individual application


Navistar NEXT eMobility Solutions will work with you to understand your charging needs and develop a plan to ensure success. Navistar NEXT eMobility Solutions and charging partner In-Charge will conduct a site assessment, work with the local utility and recommend a charging strategy based on your site, routes, charging and utility company lead time.


Working with Navistar NEXT eMobility Solutions ensures that your vehicles are constructed by Navistar in world class production facilities, and built to best-in-class standards in order to deliver maximum uptime and ensure you and your fleet stay on the road.


With the help of OnCommand® Connection and its powerful tools and resources, you can maximize uptime and operational efficiency for your electric vehicles. OnCommand® Connection provides the following for your electric fleet:

  • Customizable vehicle health reports sent daily or weekly by email and/or online portal.
  • Key metrics such as current state of charge, plug-in status, range, tire pressure and more.
  • An open architecture solution that delivers remote diagnostics for your entire fleet, regardless of make or model*, integrating data from over 30 telematics service providers.


Navistar NEXT eMobility Solutions can provide environmentally friendly options at the batteries end of life in the vehicle.  Batteries are useful beyond the vehicle. End of life battery solutions include:

  • Recycling materials for use in new batteries or other applications
  • Repurposing batteries in stationary power back-up solutions
  • Remanufacturing/refurbishing batteries for use in other vehicle applications
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Maintenance Schedule

It’s no secret electric vehicles require less maintenance. With substantially fewer parts, an electric motor simply does not have the maintenance or service requirements of an internal combustion engine. Plus, thanks to regenerative braking, the standard brakes last much longer between service intervals.

Take These Off Your Service Plate

  • No engine oil maintenance
  • No transmission maintenance
  • No fuel filters
  • No turbos, no EGR, no Injectors
  • No engine air filters, no MAF and no O2 sensor
  • No aftertreatment

A Turn-Key Solution

Making the switch to electric can seem daunting at first. That’s why we created NEXT eMobility Solutions, an electric commercial vehicle consulting group assigned to walk you through the entire process – from C to C. With NEXT eMobility Solutions by your side, you can be well on your way to adding an electric option to your fleet.


Electric Powered

The eMV brings even more to the table thanks to an electric powertrain
with new capabilities, new savings and, most importantly, new opportunities.

  • Range: 215 Kilometres
  • Peak power: 335hp
  • 3 levels of regenerative braking
  • Acceleration equal to or better than diesel
  • Robust hill-climbing ability
  • Lower maintenance compared to diesel
  • Available turn-key charging solutions from NEXT eMobility Solutions
  • Vehicle-to-Grid / Vehicle-to-Building electric capability

Cab Configurations

More Features

DriverFirst™ Interior

It’s everything you know and love about the MV Series interior which means you’ll be right at home. Inside you will find a powerful HVAC system, controls and switches that are easy to find, reach and operate — even when wearing gloves. Even the air horn lanyard is placed exactly where drivers told us it should be.

Situational Awareness. Elevated.

The eMV Series instrument cluster has all the information drivers need, presented in a familiar and intuitive layout. The goal? Immediate recognition. Less distraction. And more driver alertness and confidence.

Steel Sanctuary

The cab wraps your crew in a high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) reinforced, cold-rolled steel construction that combines the corrosion resistance of aluminum with the world-class fit, finish and strength of steel.

Anti-Corrosion That’s Anti-Compromise

Every welded eMV Series cab assembly is dipped into an electrostatically applied primer as part of a rigorous paint, sealing and coating process that provides superior corrosion and fade resistance.

Improved Visibility

Reinforced doors, one-piece side windows, the sloped hood, and door-mounted pedestal mirrors enhance visibility and safety. The new sloped hood increases forward visibility by 15 inches. This means objects closer to the vehicle are more visible to the driver.

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