MV Series

The ultimate in medium-duty versatility, International® MV™ Series delivers on your expectations.

MV Series

The ultimate in medium-duty versatility, International® MV™ Series delivers on your expectations.

More uptime. More capability. More safety and styling. Done just right.

Purpose-built to be out on the highway, at the job site, first on the scene and anywhere else work needs to get done. MV™ Series’ durable, spacious cab is crafted for optimal comfort and control. Its proven Cummins engines are tuned to maximize torque, dependability, and efficiency. New break-away mirrors limit potential damage. The redesigned hood is sloped to offer increased visibility and safety. And the industry-leading intelligence of its Diamond Logic® electrical system is seamlessly integrated to help protect both your crew and your equipment.

Body Applications

The MV Series is ready to accept nearly any body – from a contractor’s dump to a flatbed – usually without any special modifications or reinforcements.


The Diamond Logic® electrical system is considered the most advanced in the industry – and for good reason. Diamond Logic streamlines chassis and body equipment integration and allows customers to program automated tasks. This means more consistent performance and increased equipment protection and crew safety. It’s easy to spec and simplifies the integration process. Plus, on-board diagnostics self-monitors all vehicle components to reduce downtime and keep you informed of the vehicle status.


  • Restrict driving during unsafe body conditions
  • Park brake controls and interlocks
  • Pre-trip light inspection
  • Park brake alarm
  • Headlights on with wipers


  • On-board diagnostics
  • Identify area of failure in minutes with a PC
  • All Body Builder integration information stored on cloud


  • PTO (Power Take Off) Interlocks
  • Equipment Interlocks
  • Load Shedding
  • Theft deterrent


  • Wipers slow in park
  • Key fob-controlled work light or other functions
  • Smart auto start/stop systems
  • Auto door locks at set speed
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Welcome to the ultimate seat of power

Inside the MV Series is a command center designed around the driver. Comfort. Visibility. Safety. Available in wing and flat panel configurations. Room for a third front passenger without knocking their knees. Plus, the stalk shifter allows for shifting and application of the Jacobs brake without taking your eyes off the road ahead. It comes from talking to real drivers. Listening to their needs. And designing a truck around their priorities – a philosophy we call DriverFirst™.


Cummins® B6.7

Made To Perform

The best-selling engine in the medium-duty truck market, the B6.7 has been engineered for reliability, durability and fuel efficiency to deliver the lowest ownership cost with maximum uptime.

Cummins® L9

A Real Workhorse

The Cummins® L9 has established a solid reputation as a dependable engine for medium-duty applications, with features designed for smoother, quieter operation and longer service life.


Allison Automatic with Optional Fuelsense® 2.0

Can Improve Fuel Economy

The Allison FuelSense 2.0 with DynActive™ Shifting features a patented torque converter that provides infinitely variable shift points based on the vehicle configuration and operating conditions. FuelSense 2.0 can improve fuel economy up to 6% compared to previous generation FuelSense packages.

Eaton® Fuller

Built For Cost Efficient Performance

The Eaton Fuller Advantage® automated transmission is available with the Cummins® L9 engine. It’s rated up to 360 HP /1450 lb-ft and 110,000 lbs. GCW, and features a precision lubrication system with cooler-less design for reduced weight and optimal performance.

Cab Configurations

More Features

Steel Sanctuary

The cab wraps your crew in a high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) reinforced, cold-rolled steel construction that combines the corrosion resistance of aluminum with the world-class fit, finish and strength of steel.


Every MV Series truck starts with a huck-bolted frame and crossmember system to deliver maximum vocational durability and multiple frame rail options. Air tanks, fuel tanks, battery boxes and exhaust systems can all be mounted in various positions to better align with your application.

Improved Visibility

Reinforced doors, one-piece side windows, the sloped hood, and door-mounted pedestal mirrors enhance visibility and safety. The new sloped hood increases forward visibility by 15 inches. This means objects closer to the vehicle are more visible to the driver.

Front Frame Extension

Get your MV Series with an available 20” integral front frame extension for the mounting of plows, pumps, hose reels, winches, and other equipment. For snowplow applications, the integral frame extension provides much greater load strength vs. bolt-on extensions.

Anti-Corrosion That’s Anti-Compromise

Every welded MV Series cab assembly is dipped into an electrostatically applied primer as part of a rigorous paint, sealing and coating process that provides superior corrosion and fade resistance.

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